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Hi Journey Northsiders,  

We’re in an exciting season of expansion, growth and transition into a new model of church for us! Last month we celebrated 19 years as a church and almost 10 years here as a campus of the Journey here on the Northside. For the past several weeks, we’ve been in our [BE}CAUSE  series as we look at our vision and our deepest desire is to help as many people as possible experience their best life in relationship with Jesus. As we deepen our commitment to the mission, broaden our reach as a church, and expand our impact in the community, we’re asking  you to step in and be part of the cause.

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As we shift to a collaboration model of churches, the Northside campus will become an independent, autonomous church partnering with Journey [Quarterline], Restore Church, and other potential partners moving into the future. What’s ahead for us is a new season of increased ownership of our campus, our mission, and our vision. On Sunday we shared what might seem like an audacious goal. Over the next two years through our [BE]CAUSE campaign, we’re aiming to raise $250,000 to share with our global partners, to make exterior upgrades to our facility, and to establish our own finances and banking.

The goal starts with our global partners. Every year at Christmas time we look to impact our world through the Hope Christmas Project. This year we will give away the first 10% [BE]CAUSE campaign & partner with our Quarterline site to donate to our global partners.  We’ll be sending a gift to Compassion in Peru that will help unsponsored children & meet the needs of our Santa Rosa community and your sponsored children’s families.  We are going to sponsor a Haitian pastor through our Converge Caribbean partnership, which will provide resources for him to focus on caring for people while meeting the real needs of his own family.  We are sending resources to Verve Church in Las Vegas as they look to reach out and care for those floundering in Sin City.  As we shift towards Collaborating Churches, we’re also sending a financial gift to support Restore Church as they are getting ready to launch a new church in Mona Shores Middle School. 

Meanwhile, we’ll use the second 10% of our goal to establish savings for our future along with some funds coming from our Quarterline campus.  Maybe as you can see, we’re following the 10-10-80. Give 10%. Save 10%. Spend the remaining 80%.

The remaining 80% of our goal, or $200,000 over two years, will be used to make upgrades to our facilities. Potential improvements include new exterior siding and windows, upgraded parking, better entrance access and new technology. We have a beautiful piece of property that we own free and clear without any debt. We’ve worked hard over the past several years to upgrade the interior of our facility to make it as open and inviting as possible for everyone. We’ve remodeled the entire kids area, the lobby, the cafe, and the auditorium. Now it’s time to address the outside of our building. We want the exterior of our facility to be as welcoming as the interior. We want even more people from our community to discover the love and hope and grace of Jesus that each of us have found. 

So how does all this happen? We are asking you to BE part of the CAUSE. Be an inviter. Be a hope dealer. Be a world changer. We each have a part to play. And we’re asking each of you to take a financial step with us. 

*If you’ve never given to The Journey, would you take the step of giving a first time gift?  Any gift, whether large or small would impact our world, our community, and help set us up well for the future.
*If you’ve been giving to The Journey occasionally or inconsistently, would you take the step of setting up recurring giving? Regular giving would help the mission and vision take root in your life and change who you are.
*If you’ve been using recurring giving, but not in a way that is personally costly to you, would you consider a shift towards sacrificial giving? Setting a goal of giving at least 10% of your income away will pour fuel on the flames of how God is changing lives at The Journey and will change your life as well.
*If you’ve been giving sacrificially, would you consider if there’s a way you could take another step of faith and increase your giving? You’re working towards a legacy of generosity that will outlive all of us.
* Finally, if you find yourself capable, would you consider a gift of radical generosity? Would you take the step of giving a five or six figure gift that would establish the mission of our church for generations?

The BECAUSE campaign is a two year commitment (December 2022-November 2024) to bring hope at each of our locations, in our community, and around the world. It’s a big, audacious goal but this is a move of increased ownership here on the Northside. Together we can do it. Together we can impact our neighbors, our friends, our community, and our world for generations to come. You can make a commitment on the Donate Page here and there are options for the Hope Christmas Project one time gift and for Because giving commitments. I’m so grateful to be on mission with you. I’m humbled by the way God uses our church to change lives, families, and legacies. And I’m so excited for what’s ahead. The best is yet to come.