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The world is struggling right now. You might want to help but you don't know what to do. It can seem overwhelming. We can't help everyone but what if we did for a few what we wish we could do for all?

Every year we team up with our Global Partners to give the gift of hope at Christmas. This year we are also introducing a new global partner: Coverge Caribbean. We hope to bring light to a dark place and help some of the poorest areas of our hemisphere with this new partnership. We hope to bring some help to meet some day to day needs, but we are partnering with Converge Caribbean so we can also help start more churches. We want to adopt certain towns where we can be a light. 

This year we are looking to raise $25,000 again to give Hope. 100% of this project will go to our global partners. $15,000 of it will go to our new partner. We are looking to build a connection with a church in Haiti right now. Paul knows their pastor and  his church has thousands of people coming but they don't have a roof on there building. We want to help them with that roof. We want to continue to build this connection and we antipate starting a new church out of this church in the near future. Another major section of the project will go to our partnership in Peru. Our Compassion Project is actually still stuck in the pandemic. Their area has been hit hard. Our gift of $5000 will give the kids we sponsor a home delivery of medical supplies, food, educational resources and other needs. We hope to hit the $25,000 range so we can also give additional funds to Verve Church in Las Vegas and Converge Mid-America Church Planting.

You can give now on our donate page here. Just go into our normal giving portal and select the Hope Christmas Fund for your giving. Again 100% will go to our global partners. Let's make a difference this Christmas and give the gift of hope!