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Life is a journey. We believe God has a plan for our lives that includes taking steps towards relationships, not religion. If you are exploring, curious, or even skeptical about God then you are at the right place! Most people at The Journey began just like you, so you are welcome and belong.  We would never expect someone to just blindly follow anything, especially when it comes to our spiritual lives.  The Journey was designed for people to process questions, explore, and investigate at your own pace. Below are a few steps to consider if you are exploring God or new to church.


We think you’ll find something relevant and helpful to explore God. It’s an opportunity to connect with God and others who are in that same pursuit.  Join us for a Sunday Gathering at one of our sites or watch online.


Join us in a fun and casual setting with a chance to get to know us and ask questions. Details here


Don’t try to do this alone. Network Teams provide a fun and easy way to get know a few other Journeyers, impact our community, and take next steps with God along the way.



DISCOVER A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. We believe that God wants to connect with you.  He is waiting for you with open arms. The Bible makes this clear when it says that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to you (James 4:8). Check out The Bridge Diagram of how you can have a relationship with Jesus.

EXPLOREGOD.COM is a great website to explore more and ask questions.  Here are a few recommendations to search in exploregod.com:

God’s Love

EXPLORE IN THE BIBLE APP. Reading the Bible can help us discover who God is, how to be connected to Him, and how He can guide us to experience our best life.  The Bible App is a great resource to help you begin reading the Bible.  Here are 3 recommended reading plans: 

Resource Bible AppDoes God Really Like Me?
What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?
Finding Your Way Back to God