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When it comes to giving it's really about God's role and work in your life.  He wants us to trust Him as the provider and to be involved in His mission.  One of the primary ways His mission is accomplished is through the Church.  The Journey is 100% funded by your giving, donations and offerings. As you give, our Lead Team's goal is for our church to have fiscal integrity and responsibility to maximize our impact for God's mission. We run a budget that is 35% lower than other churches our size and we try to give away more than 10% of what comes in. Your giving makes an impact on your own experience at The Journey, for kids at our church, people in our community, and an impact around the world. As you give, you are also taking steps in your relationship with God. We want to make Jesus the center of every aspect of our lives. We want to live generously as individuals and as a church because God is the blesser who blesses us to be a blessing to others



As you consider giving for the first time, we know this is a huge step. Many people have felt burned by the church when it comes to money. We want you to know that there is no judgment & it’s between you and God. Our Lead Team will continue to focus on being the best stewards of our finances and our budget is set up for maximum impact. We try to make it easy for you by providing four ways you can give: in the boxes at church, on the website, at the kiosk or with the mobile app. Thanks for taking this step & for paving the way for more people to experience God. For more thoughts on money & giving, watch this message from Dave Ramsey here.


We automate a lot of things in our lives: alarms, bills, sprinklers, tv recordings & much more. It's a good idea to automate the important things. Intentional or auto-giving might be your next step. We are asking you to be intentional and prayerful when considering your giving knowing that it is making a difference. Maybe it's a next step in your relationship with God. Intentional giving means taking steps toward 10% Giving. It might mean creating a plan to give more throughout the year. It's creating a rhythm and auto-giving might be part of that process. You can set up auto-giving (recurring giving) to continue to make investments in the mission at The Journey. You can set up auto-giving on your debit/credit card through Secure Give on the Donate page. You can also set up auto-giving through your bank or through The Journey's bank (the form is on the Donate page). Watch a message about taking steps to live with open hands here.


The Bible lays out the concept of tithing as giving 10% of our income back to God. This also comes with a promise. When we live with open hands, we will be blessed. It’s really a step to say that you trust God with everything, even your finances. We know this is a big step of commitment, but we whole-heartedly believe in it, so we offer a tithing challenge that comes with a money-back guarantee. You can find more details on the Donate Page. Watch a message about tithing and experiencing a blessed life here.


We want to continue taking steps to live generously. Generosity means going beyond our tithe and seeing our money & lives in such a way that God is the blesser who blesses us to be a blessing to others. Being generous beyond your tithe means not only giving to invest in God’s mission through the church but also helping others in need through opportunities that you encounter. Generosity isn’t birthed out of wealth, but out of a life focused on God. Watch a message about generosity here.